Playing Procedures under COVID-19 Level 2
(28 February – 6 March 2021)

The course, driving range, Golf Shop, clubhouse, toilets and practice areas are all open daily for members and visitors. However, there are some restrictions in place to ensure the safety of everyone under the COVID-19 Level 2 requirements issued by NZ Golf.

All staff, players, visitors must adhere to general government advice; particularly all recommended hygiene measures. There are hand sanitiser dispensers throughout the club’s facilities.

Drinking fountains, sunscreen dispensers and ball washers are closed. Please bring sufficient supplies with you.

Pins/flagsticks are in place, however they are to be left in the hole and not touched or removed by any player.

Score cards are available, and will be printed by the Golf Shop staff. In order to minimise handling of scorecards, players should keep their own score cards, and partner with another player to record that person’s score as the marker. The player should sign their name in the player slot, and record the name of their partner in the marker slot. The player and partner should agree on each other’s scores, before the player signs their card. Please hand signed score cards into the Golf Shop and our staff will scan these.

Everyone must sign in and out, using either the QR codes displayed throughout the premises, or if this is not possible, by telling a member of staff in the cafe or golf shop, who will complete a manual registration.

Physical distancing (2 metres encouraged) between all staff, players and visitors should be maintained. Distancing should be maintained on the golf course and throughout all club facilities.

The café is open, but limited to a maximum of 100 inside at any one time.

The café is operating table service only inside the building. Please take a seat, and wait to be served.

The café also provides delivery and pre orders. A menu is displayed outside the Golf Shop and on the 9th tee with a phone number for you to call the café to make an order. Orders will be delivered to a table outside the café for collection.

Please avoid using cash. It is our preference that members use their house account for payment, and visitors use EFT-POS or their credit card.

How to check and top up your House Account balance (members)
1. Sign into your DotGolf account ( via the DotGolf tee booking system.
2. Click on “My Account” under the “My Golf” menu tab.
3. Scroll down to your “House Account” to read your balance and any transactions in the last month.
4. You can click on the “Top Up Account” button here as well to add credit from your credit card but there is a 5% surcharge. You can avoid the surcharge by ringing the Golf Shop (03 358 4612) and doing the top up over the phone via their EFTPOS terminal or in person when in the shop.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance in complying with these restrictions. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me (

Giles Beal
General Manager